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Credit card payment issues
Credit card payment issues

This article covers how to resolve most payment issues you may run into.

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The following issues are addressed in this article:

  • Expired card and Insufficient funds

  • Blocked card due to too many attempts

Only Team admins can see the Billing page. To see who the admins are, navigate to the Team dashboard->Members page.

Updating your credit card

If there is an issue with your credit card, you can replace it by adding a new one to your account and then removing the old one.

  1. Sign in to your Glide account at

  2. Using the Team dropdown in the top left corner, navigate to the team you want to update.

  3. In the bottom left corner, click Billing.

  4. Look for and click either button, Manage Plan, or Open Customer Portal.

  5. Under Payment Methods, click + Add payment method.

  6. Fill in the payment details.

  7. Recommended: leave Use as default payment method checked.

  8. Click Add.

  9. Back on the Payment Methods page, you should see both the old and new credit card details. Make sure the label Default is next to the new card. If not, click the 3-dot menu icon and choose Make default.

  10. To remove the old card, click the 3-dot menu icon and choose Delete.

  11. When you're done, close the tab or click <- Return to Glide.

Blocked credit cards

After multiple failed attempts to collect a payment, some banks will block the credit card from further use. If this happens, the user needs to do one of the following:

  1. Contact the bank to have the credit card unblocked.

  2. Replace the credit card associated with your Glide account by following the steps above.

NOTE: Glide's automated payment system ensures that all overdue payments are collected before reactivating a Team with a canceled subscription.

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