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3D Secure credit card issues
3D Secure credit card issues

This article discusses issues related to using 3D Secure credit cards

Updated over a week ago

3D Secure (3DS) enhances the security of online shopping by implementing two-step authentication for every purchase. This means that payments cannot be processed without your explicit authorization, adding an additional layer of protection to your transactions.

When 3DS-enabled cards are used to pay for Glide, your bank will send you an email or text requesting approval to complete each payment. These requests need to be authorized within a specific period of time (e.g., 24 hours). If the request isn't authorized, it will be tracked in Glide's automated payment system as a failed payment.

Glide will attempt to collect payment four (4) times over four (4) weeks if the initial authorization is not completed successfully. After these attempts, if payment is still not processed, the subscription will be canceled.

To re-subscribe your Glide Team, contact support and they'll assist with resolving past payments so a new plan can be added.

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