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How do I change the email address of my Glide account?
How do I change the email address of my Glide account?

Changing the email address you sign into Glide with

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Glide does not allow users to change the email address of their existing accounts, but there is a way around this limitation.

Why can't I change my email address?

Glide accounts can be linked to external data sources (e.g., Google Sheets) to access and synchronize data. Changing the email address of your Glide account may affect access permissions, potentially resulting in the loss of existing connections to spreadsheets and other data sources in your apps.

Important Notes:

When using Airtable and Excel data sources, the Glide account that originally configured the data source must remain a member of the Team. This account is the only one that can re-authenticate the integration if needed.

For a smoother process, consider using two separate browser sessions open side by side.

  1. In one browser, sign into the email account that will be used with your new Glide account.

  2. In a second browser that is signed in to your old Glide account, go to the Members page and invite the new email address as a Team Member.

  3. Go back to the first browser, open your email inbox, and accept the invitation to the Team. It's important to complete the full invitation process.

  4. In the second browser, reload the page, confirm that the new Team Member is listed as a Member, and then change their permission to Admin.

After completing the above steps, you may still need to do a few more things:

  1. If any of your apps use external data sources (e.g., Google Sheets), you will need to set up new connections to these sources.

    1. Google Sheets

      1. Make sure the new account has read/write access to the original Google Sheet used by the app or an updated copy of the Google Sheet in its own Google Drive account.

      2. Using the new account, open the app, navigate to Settings->Data, and then click the 3-dot menu to the right of the Google Sheet name under the heading Data Sources.

      3. Select Replace, and then choose the correct Google Sheet the new account has access to.

    2. Airtable & Excel—There is a limitation currently that requires the Glide account that originally configured the integration to remain a member of the Team. This is the only account that can re-authenticate the integration if it's lost. For information on how to re-authenticate an Airtable connection, see the article, How to reconnect your Airtable base.

  2. You may want to remove the old account from the Team, but only after you are sure the new account has transferred all permissions related to external data sources.

Security Note:

For security reasons, if you no longer have access to your original account email and it is a company domain, authorization is required from someone at your previous employer who has the authority to approve the transfer of the team to an email address at a different company.

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