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When an Expert needs to change their email address
When an Expert needs to change their email address

How a Glide Expert updates their accounts when they need to change their email address

Updated over a week ago

If you need to change the email address associated with your Glide Expert account, it's essential to ensure that your Teams, certifications, and PartnerStack account are updated accordingly. Follow these steps to complete the transition:

  1. Update Your Glide Teams – Follow the instructions in this article to add a new email address to your Glide Teams.

  2. Join the Experts Program – Follow these steps:

    1. Open your dashboard using your new account

    2. Click the avatar in the top right corner and select Account settings

    3. Click the button to join the Experts program

  3. Contact Glide Support – Inform Glide Support that you're changing your email address. Provide them with your old email address, new email address, and the PartnerStack account associated with your old email address.

Glide Support will work with internal teams to transfer your certifications and PartnerStack account to the new email address.

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