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How am I charged for Integration usage?
How am I charged for Integration usage?

Understand how using integrations accrues updates in Glide.

Updated over a week ago

As of May 1, 2023, all Integration runs, including Webhooks, Zaps, and Send Email, will count toward updates usage.

Every integration in Glide—from Webhooks to OpenAI—provides one or more functions. Each of those functions costs a set amount of updates per use. Integration Action runs and computations on rows consume updates. The number of updates per run depends on which integration is being used.

View our Integrations page for more information on usage per integration.

For example: Asking the OpenAI integration to complete a prompt in one row will count as one update. Asking it to complete a prompt in 1,000 rows will count as 1,000 updates. These updates will be instantly reflected in your new usage dashboard. Each plan tier provides a specific amount of monthly updates. If you exceed your monthly usage limit, your account will be billed for overages. You can monitor your update limits and usage in the new Usage dashboard in your Glide team.

Integrations That Require Outside Accounts

Some Integrations can be used with free accounts on the third-party integration host's platform. Other platforms require paid accounts, subscriptions, or usage charges. Be sure to review the pricing of the Integration you want to use carefully. Glide does not receive any part of the fees you pay to third parties to use their software or services.

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