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Experimental Columns
Experimental Columns
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Experimental Columns are computed columns in Glide that are not yet officially part of the Glide builder. These can be found in the Data Editor under Computed → Experimental, then organized by type.

Please note that these columns are experimental and may not work reliably. Changes or deprecation of these columns may occur over time.

Experimental columns are not supported by Glide's Support team. For help with Experimental column, please post in the Glide community.

Locating Experimental Columns

  1. In Glide, open the Data Editor and create a new column.

  2. Navigate to “Computed” and then “Experimental” to find the full list of types of experimental columns.

Precautions and Recommendations

  • Experimental Nature: Keep in mind that Experimental Columns are not fully supported features and may exhibit unexpected behaviors.

  • Limited Reliability: Due to their experimental status, data from these columns may not always be reliable or secure. Exercise caution when relying on them for critical app functions.

  • Potential Changes: Be prepared for changes or deprecation of Experimental Columns as Glide continues to refine and develop these features.

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