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Why is Data Missing from My Data Export?
Why is Data Missing from My Data Export?

Get to know how Glide Tables handle data exports.

Updated over a week ago

When exporting data from a Glide Table to a .csv file, you may notice that not all columns appear in the exported file. There are two different reasons this is most likely happening:

Empty Columns

Any columns that do not contain data across all rows will not be included in the exported file. This helps keep the export clean and focused only on columns with data. Even if a column exists in the Glide table with a title, if it contains no data, it will not appear in the exported .csv file.

Before exporting, make sure all necessary columns have at least some data to prevent them from being excluded. Every row in the column does not need to contain data, but at least one row must contain data.

Computed Columns

Computed Columns can be exported as basic text values. This includes any computation that results in text, numbers, or other straightforward outputs.

However, columns that contain Relations and Queries cannot be exported.

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