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Navigating SEO and Indexing: Understanding Glide's Approach
Navigating SEO and Indexing: Understanding Glide's Approach

Glide unable to be indexed by search engines

Updated over a week ago

Glide, with its intuitive app-building capabilities, often raises questions among users regarding its search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities and indexing potential. In this article, we'll delve into whether Glide apps are SEO-optimized and if they can be indexed by search engines.

Glide explicitly changed its approach and now prevents apps from being indexed by search engines. This decision was made for security reasons and is a fundamental security measure within the platform. The majority of Glide users utilize the platform to create apps for business purposes, often creating private and internal applications that they do not want the public to find.

The primary motivation behind Glide's decision to restrict indexing lies in safeguarding sensitive business data and ensuring the confidentiality of internal operations. By preventing indexing, Glide reduces the risk of unauthorized access to potential proprietary information within these apps.

For those Glide users who want to promote their app to the public, the best way would be to create a website that can be SEO-optimized and highlight your Glide app in the content of that website.

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