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Managing preview features
Managing preview features

What are Preview Features and how to Enable them.

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What are Preview Features?

Before being fully integrated into the product, some Glide features can be previewed by enabling them in your Dashboard. Preview features are experimental, sometimes referred to as beta features. While users can test and use them, there might be some differences between the preview and the final release of the feature.

Stability of experimental features

Please proceed with caution for apps with users and report bugs in the Glide Community forum under the bugs category.

Enabling Preview Features

Enable preview features in the Glide Dashboard to get a sneak peek of what’s upcoming.

  1. Sign in to your team dashboard at

  2. Look for and click Settings in the bottom left corner

  3. On the Settings page, you'll find a list of Preview features, a short description of each, and a toggle button to turn the feature on or off

Things to consider

When using Preview Features, there are a few things you should consider:

  1. Some Preview Features require a paid plan. If you enable a feature that is not available on your plan, you will see a popup prompting you to upgrade when you try to use the feature in your apps.

  2. By default, preview features are not enabled.

  3. Once activated, Preview Features are accessible to all applications in the current Team.

  4. If you try a Prevew Feature and decide not to use it, make sure to remove all uses of it from your app before disabling the Preview Feature toggle. Disabling the toggle may only hide the UI elements in your app while leaving the functionality in place. For example, the Preview Feature, Enable latest version of Glide apps, causes a checkbox to be visible in app Settings that allows the app to run in our new beta player that is still being tested. If you leave the app checkbox enabled and disable the Preview Feature, the app will still use the beta player.

  5. When an experimental feature moves from preview to a standard release, it will generally operate as you've configured it. However, once the standard release is announced, we recommend reviewing your configuration to make sure it’s still functioning the way you intended.

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